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Pupil Power at Blue Coat

3 February 2020 (by admin)

Pupil voice is an important dimension to any school.

Pupil voice is an important dimension to any school. At Blue Coat, we have the pupil-selected Future Leaders who represent the pupil body and engage in specific project work and marketing of our school. We also have other opportunities for children to have their say...

Play assemblies every fortnight puts the power of play back in the children's hands as they shape what and how 'Platinum Play' at Blue Coat looks and feels like. In the past, this has yielded the children's own Football Charter in which they determined what fair and fun football is at Blue Coat, expecting everyone to respect and follow the behaviours outlined within.

Blue Coat's Year 6's have taken part in 'DB8' - a mature debate club - voicing their views on contentious issues ranging from Education to Brexit to the Leadership of the USA! 

Fornightly, Key Stage 2 pupil groups have just started to reformat 'pupil worship' time on Wednesdays. They are selecting a timely news issue with a global dimension to shine a light on for the school. This development of international mindedness is aimed at ensuring the children become caring, responsible global citizens with a growing sense of what is happening around them and the role they could play in it, now or in the future.

This year, Blue Coat pupils have formed a Press Gang so as to release a termly pupil newspaper written by a Key Stage 1 and 2 team of budding journalists. Now in their second edition, the children are learning rapidly about what it takes to be an effective team and how to deliver an engaging product for their intended audience - the whole school community! Ambition is high and you can see the improvement from one publication to the next. 

Please show your support for this pupil-run venture by reading it and sending in some feedback via email to the school. The children would love to read your views and it will motivate them to achieve even greater things.

Blue Coat News 2 - Spring 2020 [pdf]

Blue Coat News 1 - Winter 2019 [pdf]

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