Blue Coat CE VA Primary School, Symn Lane, Wotton-under-edge,
Gloucestershire GL12 7BD

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Complaints Procedure


We believe that our school provides a good education for all of our children, and that the Headteacher and other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and the wider community.

However, we recognise that in some cases a concern or a complaint needs to be addressed and the following policy sets out the procedure the school will follow in such cases.

The School complaints policy is intended to allow you to raise a concern or complaint relating to the school, or the services that it provides. Any person, including members of the public, may make a complaint about any provision of facilities or services that the school provides. This policy is not limited to the parents or carers of children registered at the school.


Raising a concern or a complaint

Informal Stage

  • It is normally appropriate to communicate directly with the member of staff concerned


Formal Stage

If your concern or complaint is not resolved at the informal stage you may choose to escalate to the formal stage.

  • At this formal stage, the complaint must be made in writing, stating the nature of the complaint and how the school has handled it so far. A complaint form is provided to assist you in the Blue Coat Complaints Policy
  • Please pass the completed form, in a sealed envelope to the school office. The envelope should be addressed to the Headteacher, or if the complaint is about the Headteacher, to the Clerk to the Governing Body for the attention of the Chair of the Governing Body

You should include details which might assist the investigation, such as names of potential witnesses, dates and times of events, and copies of relevant  documents. 


Review Process

Any review of the complaints process followed by the school will be conducted by a panel of three members of the Governing Body. This will usually take place within 10 school days of receipt of your request.