Blue Coat CE VA Primary School, Symn Lane, Wotton-under-edge,
Gloucestershire GL12 7BD

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SEND - Special Education Needs and Disabilities

Blue Coat School adopts a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs with all staff well versed in good practice. The school's leadership and teaching teams work relentlessly to achieve excellent outcomes for all of our pupils with SEND, aiming to prepare them for life as well as their next stage of education.

As a result, Blue Coat has become increasingly recognised as a school specialising in SEND support, with large numbers of staff whom have significant experience and expertise in teaching SEND pupils more effectively. They are led by experienced SEND Leadership.

Integration and inclusion of all children with special educational needs, in all aspects of school life, is at the very heart of our school's SEND policy . On some occasions, individuals and/or small groups may also experience targeted support outside of the classroom environment where this is deemed to be beneficial. We pride ourselves in working closely with parents of SEND children to build positive and productive working relationships centred on the best interests of the child.

Over time, our SEND pupils make at least good progress from both their starting points and compared to their SEND peers nationally.

The School Governor with responsibility for SEND provision in school is Claire Reynard 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Dobie -  our SEND Co-ordinator.