Blue Coat CE VA Primary School, Symn Lane, Wotton-under-edge,
Gloucestershire GL12 7BD

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The Pre-School Groups

The Pre-School is divided into two age groups; Buttons and Toggles. The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is followed in all Pre-School groups.



From the age of 2 years children can attend Buttons, which they attend without their parent or carer. Every child is assigned a keyperson who will take personal responsibility to support the child, as well as to observe and liaise with parents/carers. At Buttons children are encouraged to become more independent, to stay without support of a parent/carer and to practice working within a structured routine in which they learn to play, share and take turns. The group fosters trusting relationships with parents and carers as well as with children. Buttons takes place Monday - Friday from 9am to 12pm (3 hour), or 9am to 3pm (6 hour).



Toggles is the final pre-school group prior to starting school.  The children enjoy a natural progression from Buttons and will be assigned a keyperson as before. During Toggles the staff encourage the children to become more independent learners. The children are supported in managing their own belongings, dressing & hygiene procedures as well as playing independently and making their own choices whilst still encouraging them to try something new. The sessions are structured and include keyperson activities to prepare the children for group work at school. During the summer term we work closely with the Reception Class teachers at Blue Coat CEVA Primary School. Linked activities including storytimes are planned for the Toggles children during the last part of the summer term.

 Toggles takes place Monday - Friday from 9am to 12pm (3 hour session) and 9am to 3pm (6 hour session).




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