Technology is a part of our children's present and will be a significant part of their future.  We live in exponential times, where technology is transforming the way that we learn, work and live.  We embrace the opportunities that this brings, as well as being aware of the limits of screen time.

Future Readiness

In order for children to be ready, we need to equip them with the skills to be able to use technology to enhance their lives.  However, this is not as simple as teaching them to use current hardware and software.  Devices have changed, almost beyond recognition over recent years, so who can imagine what our children will be using in their future l as adults?  All we know is that we don't know! This means that we need to help our children to become adaptable problem solvers who thrive when change is presented to them, rather than simply being adept at using the latest apps.

How do we do it?

This comes back, again, to personal empowerment.  We present children with the opportunity to solve problems on their own.  This is not just in computing lessons, but in every subject area as well as in our play.  It is important that we provide children with the opportunity to transfer their thinking across all aspects of school life, so that they will be prepared for life and the different challenges that it brings over different contexts.  This means that children are used to transferring and applying the skills that help them into different circumstances and situations.  Inter-connectivity of knowledge, skills and understanding within and between subject areas forms a core part of the way that we teach and learn.  It deepens our learning and enables us to adapt to new and unknown situations.  This is not to say that we do not teach discrete objectives within our computing curriculum.  It is just that being "future ready" is much, much more at Blue Coat.