Academic Excellence

If our children are empowered to be independent problem solvers and embrace change and challenge, then surely they should excel when it comes to end of key stage tests, shouldn't they?  Children at Blue Coat Primary School have achieved consistently highly in curriculum assessments over recent years.  This track record of academic excellence has placed us at the top of the "league tables" for both attainment and progress and has even resulted in us being awarded the number one school in Gloucestershire by the Real Schools Guide.

Enhancing Technology

We can see the impact of our approach towards technology, through the way that it enhances our children's lives and learning in school.  Remote learning apps are well embedded and children confidently use them to engage in their home learning, creating tasks, documents and videos as a result of a given task or even independently.  Children are contributing to our You Tube channel and to posts on social media.  The greatest impact of our approach can be evidenced by the fact that children are teaching the teachers and parents how to use devices and apps!

Embracing Change

Part of our approach to technology is the desire to support children to thrive when it comes to change.  This is due to the ever changing nature of the technological world around us.  We have seen that our children are able to adapt to change.  Be it settling in at the start of an academic year, or showing resilience, persistance and tranferring understading when faced with a new problem, our children have shown that they are able to adapt to new challenges.  We are consistently told by our secondary partners and our parents, that our children thrive at their next stage of education.