Thinking like 21st Century learners

We have created a curriculum that prepares the children for their future.  It includes teaching children the knowledge, skills and understanding set out within our Computing curriculum.  We have a fully resourced computer room, which sits juxtaposed with our library (to reinforce the message that information and entertainment comes in many forms).  We also use ipads and netbooks to support our learning.  We are explicit in telling our children that these resources can be used to learn about computing and at different times they can be used to support our learning in other subject areas.

Our computing curriculum map is ambitious and works to End Points that have been created to meet the needs of the children at Blue Coat as future ready learners.  It incorperates the National Curriculum as well as the bespoke objectives that we designed based on the needs of our children.  It forms an integral part of our broad, balanced and future ready curriculum.

The skills of problem solving are embedded throughout our school curriculum.  It is perhaps best represented by our "thinking model".  This has been created and designed to support children to be empowered when solving a problem, regardless of the context.  By supporting our children's parameters to think independently, we hope to affect substantial changes in their ability to solve problems and thrive on change.