“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

― Soren Kierkegaard


We recognise that there is much more to life and learning than a succession of objectives to be learnt.  Children experience the wonder of life first hand and for the first time each and every day.  For some this is the wonder of God's creation and for others this is the majesty of nature.  Our aim is to give children the opportunity to experience the incredible and reflect on what it means to them.  

God is everything and everything is God.” Baruch de Spinoza

Our spiritual journey does not simply sit inside Collective Worship.  It is where we develop our understanding of our interpretation of God.  To some this is a Christian God, whilst to others this could be Allah or even a scientific understanding of the Universe.  But we all celebrate the wonder of creation in every situation we find ourselves in.  It could be through the emotional connection of music, through prayer, through discovering the natural world (and bugs!) in Forest School or even through the beauty of patterns within Mathematics.  In other words, our spiritual journey is enhanced at every step of our time in school.  

"It's like a window to your soul." Felix

Our children are able to explore their own spiritual journey.  They express their feelings clearly and are able to understand what makes them connect to something greater than themselves.  The natural beauty of Wotton provides a perfect backdrop to enhancing this connection. 

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