Measuring the impact of spirituality is no easy task!  It is an abstract concept that manifests itself in different ways with different people. However, when SIAMS visited our school as part of their inspection schedule, they provided us with a few examples of what other people see in our children.

Key findings (SIAMS Inspection Report 2019)

• There is a positive impact of the vision and core values on academic progress and personal development. However, members of the school community do not readily articulate the Bible roots or explicitly Christian origins of the vision. This affects the outcome of this denominational inspection.

• An aspirational culture enables resilience in learning. Adults and pupils are reflective learners, enthusiastic to succeed, now and into the future. 

• Staff are talented, keen to learn as well as teach, and to support each other. They are key to the success of the school. Specialist support for those pupils who are more vulnerable or who have special educational needs/disabilities is effective.

• Pupils are enthusiastic about religious education and enjoy the many opportunities to learn through creating artwork in the subject. The subject is exceptionally well-led.

• The focus on outdoor play and learning enriches the lives of pupils, allowing them to develop life-enhancing skills which are integral to ‘Future Readiness’.