We deliver a broad and balanced school curriculum that provides children with the opportunity to experience a range of subjects and events.  With spirituality being an exporation of God's creation, we believe that this allows children to witness different aspects of the wonder and beauty of their interpretation of God.  From Forest School to Science, our children's spiritual journey is enriched.  We ensure that values are a common theme that run through their learning.  These values encourage us to make decisions about our actions and the consequences, building on our vision steeped in the belief that children should be personally empowered.  


It is not just what we teach, but the way we teach that provides children with a spiritual journey.  We aim to teach children in such a way as to spark curiosity, intrigue and wonder.  This is partly because our teaching and our leadership is values based.  It is also because personal empowerment forms such a fundamental basis as to how we want our children to develop, that we are always trying to teach in a way that asks children to wrestle with problems rather than being passive recipients of information.  This means that they are encouraged reflect on what they are experiencing and interpret what it means to them.

Spiritual Moments

There are certain moments that stay with you.  These moments can be carefully planned, such as: taking children to a Cathedral or a Mosque; Collective Worship; hiking to the Tyndale Monument; going on a residentail with friends for the first time; inspirational "entry points" to the curriculum and much, much more.  We also teach in a way that helps our children to be equipped to reflect independently on spiritual moments that occur spontaneously.  These moments do not complement our curriculum, they form an integral part of it.  


We see play as an opportunity too good to waste.  If 20% of our day is playtime, we aim to make it a time that children love and also helps them to develop as "future ready" learners.  Play is also a time when children are more free to be guided by their own inclination and interests.  This means that there is plenty of opportunity for spiritual moments.  Our award winning play provision is a constant source of fascination, awe and wonder. 

In other words, not a moment is wasted at Blue Coat Primary School where children can be beguiled by our beautiful world.

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