Blue Coat Pre-School Newsletter March 2012

We hope you all enjoyed your half term break and made the most of not rushing to Pre-School.  Some Spring weather has made a brief appearance and we hope that the drier sunnier weather is a hint of things to come.

Toggles and Buttons groups enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year last term, both tasting and playing with a variety of foods from China.  There are some pictures on the school website.  Both groups also enjoyed playing with and exploring ice with a variety of objects stuck inside the giant ice cubes which they took great joy in ‘chipping’ out.  The Toggles children explored their senses making noisy instruments, textured crafts, smelly painting and tasty sandwiches.  The Buttons children also had some tasty experiences and made their own snack for a whole week including soup, bread and scones.  Helen also introduced the Buttons to her pet stick insects which some of the children bravely held, the staff however were less brave!

Outdoor Clothes

A reminder that although slightly warmer weather is upon us the children still need to bring a warm coat and preferably a hat and gloves with them to Pre-School and we would ask you please to name them.  If your child has problems losing gloves / mittens we can recommend attaching them to some wool or elastic and threading through their coat sleeves.

Communication Books

If your child attends another setting, such as a childminder or nursery we like to try and share information between ourselves including their likes and interests.  You may have already been given a book by another setting which you can bring to us and we will add our comments too.  Alternatively, if you don’t have one we can give you one of our communication books which you can share with the other settings. Please ask a member of staff if you would like one.  The books can be placed in the plastic wallet just to the right of the Toggles coat pegs or for Buttons in the tray on the left hand side in the entrance these are then returned to you at the end of the session. There is no need to bring the book in for every session your child attends but it may be beneficial to share them periodically.

Surprise Storytellers

We are still looking for parents, grandparents or other willing relatives to be our ‘Surprise Storyteller’.  If you would like to read a story of your choice to either the Buttons or Toggles children at story time (usually 11.15 to 11.30 approx) please speak to a member of staff.  This could also be included as part of you parent duty, again please speak to a member of staff if you are interested.

Parent Duty

Being able to come into one of your child’s sessions and see them playing with their friends is one of the bonuses of a Pre-School, both for the parent and the child. The children greatly look forward to it being their parents turn and are very proud on the day itself to be involved in some of the little jobs.  Unfortunately this term we have had a number of parents not able to attend on the day of their duty and not having found a replacement. This presents a particular problem in Toggles where staff are unable to leave the room for any length of time and may result in there being no snack provided on that day (drinking water is always available).  We understand that some parents find it difficult to attend parent duties but it is possible for a grandparent, godparent etc to come along if that is easier. Younger siblings can be brought to Buttons duty (not Toggles), if this is necessary. Please value this time as much as your children do and come and give us a helping hand. Your help is invaluable. Thanks.


We are sorry to tell you that Lisa is leaving the Pre-School at Easter to give more time to her family life. We appreciate all that she has done during her time with us and are very pleased to know that she will be available for supply cover when needed.

Dates for the Diary

Craft afternoon – Saturday 17th March

Blue Toes Day – Tuesday 20th March – open to families after school hours. See website for more details.

Healthy Eating Info Night – Thursday 3rd May.


Caroline Lee and the Pre-School Team