New Management Trustee Members - Welcome

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Blue Coat Pre-School & Busy Bees Management Trustee AGM just before half term. We are delighted to welcome our new Committee members;

Lucy Chandler (new Chair), Fran Hardy (new Finance Officer), Kirsty Hannan, Paula Howden (Parent Fundraising Group Chair) and Paul Marshall. Sandie Nickols (former Trustee) has taken on the role of Secretary.

Thank you to Caroline Winter (former Chair), Sharon Ames (former Finance Office), Kirsty Kitchen (former Secretary), Fred Eldridge and Fanny Marshall for all their hard work and support. Caroline Winter and Sharon Ames will remain on the Committee for one more year to support the new Chair and Finance Officer.

Management Trustee Committee (From November 2011)

Lucy Chandler        Chair

Sandie Nickols        Secretary

Fran Hardy             Finance Officer

Sharon Ames          Busy Bees Parent

Kirsty Hannan         Pre-School & Busy Bees Parent

Ginette Hood         Pre-School Parent

Paula Howden        Pre-School Parent & Chair of Parent Fundraising Group

Paul Marshall         Busy Bees Parent

Claire Milne           Busy Bees Parent

Ian Preston            Pre-School Parent

Demelza Yeoman    Pre-School Parent

Jane Nelson           Foundation Stage Co-ordinator (Committee member, not a Trustee)