Pre-School January 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents

I feel it is a little late to be wishing you a Happy New Year, however I do hope that you have all had a good break from routine over Christmas and New Year and are now settled back into the rhythm of term time.  We are happy to have a number of new families joining our setting and are confident that the “old hands” will do what they can to help them feel welcome.


Can I start off by saying thank you on behalf of all the staff for the cardstn thankyou and presents that we were given at the end of term, your generosity is much appreciated by all the pink people.

We ended term with our version of the Nativity, led by Liz Martin, who as usual did a great job in encouraging the children to sing. We hope you enjoyed the occasion and can we also say thank you to the Management Trustees and helpers who provided drinks for the audience. The children had a special Christmas snack after the performance and a visit from Father Christmas, who gave out presents that had been provided by the Parent Fundraising Group funds. Thank you to everyone who helped make the morning go well.

One final note on a Christmas theme. We have a set of lights that were lent to us for the shopping evening at the beginning of December and we don’t know to whom we should return them. Please get in touch if they are yours.

Baby Hub

We are pleased to welcome the Baby Hub to Blue Coat on a Wednesday afternoon. This is now the place for the health visitors and Community Nursery Nurses to meet with new mums and to carry out baby weighing etc.  This is not run by ourselves, but we are happy to be able to support this vital link for new parents.  Please let any families with new babies know that this is now available. There is no parking available on site and visitors should walk from The Chipping/Symn Lane.


Those of you with children in Blue Coat Reception will have heard of the Tapestry programme for digital record keeping and creating learning journeys as it used by them and many other schools and nurseries. The Pre-School pink people have been trialling the system (rather than writing endless sticky notes) during the Autumn term and are ready to take the next step which is to go “live”.  

You will receive a letter asking for email addresses and a signed agreement so that we can begin the process of parents being able to access and contribute to, their child’s records from home. We would like to set this up to start immediately after the February half term.


During the last two weeks of this half term, staff will be moving the snack time slightly earlier, to see if this suits the children better and the flow of the morning’s activities. If successful, the new times will continue after the holiday, if not then it will revert to the current system. If you have any concerns/issues with this, please speak to your child’s keyworker.    

If you would like to do a parent duty with your Buttons child after the February half term (Mon, Tues or Wed) and see what they enjoy during the sessions and join in the fun, please contact Jo Bell.


Please could you name lunch boxes, coats, jumpers etc as it makes life so much easier for staff and children if items can be quickly returned to their owner. This is particularly the case with preschool T-shirts/jumpers and anything with popular characters (Frozen, Spiderman etc as children often have the same lunchboxes  and bags). Thanks


We are pleased that a number of Buttons children are now staying for lunch (on a Monday and Tuesday until 1.30pm) and would like to take this opportunity to remind you, as the makers of packed lunches, of a few guidelines. It is vital that nuts are not included in any form (Nutella, peanut butter, cereal bars etc) as we need to keep safe the children who attend the setting who have nut allergies. It is also advisable not to overfill lunchboxes as young children are often put off, if there is a large amount of one thing to eat. Suggestions to get round this are: to put a few crisps/breadsticks in a pot/bag rather than a whole packet; chop a large apple into slices, with the core removed (again in a pot or bag) and cut rolls/wraps/sandwiches into pieces that they can manage.

2017 01 24 12.52.36 pmSainsburys Vouchers

We are collecting Sainsbury Active Kids Vouchers. If you have any spare (from friends and family too) please bring them in. There is a collection box in the Toggles room. Thanks.

AGM – Management Trustee Committee

Thank you to all those who attended the AGM in November and especially to those who have stepped forward to join the Management Trustee Committee. We have a new Chair, Lou Dolling and 3 new trustees Vicky Starling, Jenny McDonald and Alex Gambrill who are joining Laura Cox, Deanne Cox, Suzy Murray-Davey, Kelly Rowe and Lucy Farmer.

The Pre-School & Busy Bees Unit is a registered charity and is run by a Management Trustee Board who are all volunteer parents. The Committee meet once per half term to review and plan for the Unit. Without them we could not open so once again thank you.

Dates for this term

Last day before half term Friday 10th February

Return date to Pre-School Monday 20th February

Caroline Lee and the Pre-School Team

Pre-School Unit: 01453 525 022

Administrator (Jo Bell): 07873 890689

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.