Blue Coat Pre-School Newsletter September 2011

Welcome to the Autumn term! It is lovely to see our “old” families back and hear all their news from the summer and also to welcome new children and their families as they start their time with Blue Coat Pre-School.


Staff News

Last term we said goodbye and good luck to Gill Hunt who left after 12 years at Blue Coat to take up a new job. We thank her for all her work and dedication over that time and hope that she is enjoying her new responsibilities.

Mandy Beckett was appointed as the new deputy manager of Pre-School, taking on the position left vacant by Gill’s leaving.  Mandy has very nearly completed her degree in Early Childhood Studies and is looking forward to getting on with her new role.

Congratulations to Michelle Spokes who completed her level 2 qualification in the summer and has decided to embark upon her level 3.

Well done to all of the above as they move on with their careers.


Over the last few years the parent fundraising group has worked really hard to raise the money for a canopy outside the Buttons room.  This was a massive effort involving many families, some of whom have now left Pre-School.  By the time we had raised sufficient money, we were able to access a government grant for some of the cost.  This meant that the fundraising account was rather healthy. We would like to thank them very much for the generous purchase of our climbing tunnel and new picnic table and seats. We have had many favourable comments and want everyone to know how much we appreciate the hard work that went into raising the money in the first place. 

Washing Toys

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with the mammoth task of washing toys at the end of term.  I know that some families took several bags and we really do appreciate that help. If anyone has toys still at home we would be very grateful for their return.

Lunch Reminders

A number of children will be staying for lunch for the first time this term so it seems a good opportunity to remind you of a few tips.  There is a poster in the outdoor noticeboard with some information about packed lunches which we hope you will find interesting. Please speak to staff if you would like a copy of this.  The main points to remember are: no nuts (including no peanut butter or Nutella) and no kiwi fruit, due to the high number of people allergic to these two items. Sausages and grapes especially can present a choking hazard for young children so please cut them into small pieces. (Sausages should be in semi-circular slices to prevent them blocking the throat.) Please give your child familiar food in amounts that they would normally eat at home.  It can be a good idea to give a small portion of something in a container/cling film if a whole piece/ bag is too much and use the remainder another day.  As we do not have enough fridge space to store all the lunchboxes a small ice pack can be useful.

Special Books

As your child progresses through Buttons and Toggles, staff make a scrapbook of photos and examples of their artwork. It is usual for these books to be available for you to share with your child when you do a duty or from time to time we send them home for a weekend.  Some parents prefer not to look at the Special Books until the very end of Toggles when they are given to you to keep at home as a momento of your child’s time at Blue Coat.  If you would rather not see the Special Book until then please let your child’s key person know.


Please label all your child’s clothes and possessions – this means that if something is left behind or goes home with the wrong child we can quickly sort things out.  If you need to purchase name labels we have information from a company called My nametags, who pay us commission if you use them. Please find their forms in the information racks just inside both doors.


Thank you to everyone who filled in the end of term questionnaires – it is really good to get your opinions and a full break down of the comments will be published on the notice board soon. If you wish to raise an issue that concerns you then do feel free to speak to staff at any time.


It is that time of year again when we by law need to hold our AGM.  This is a quick (yes really) meeting at which we need as many parents as possible. The Management Trustees who run this Pre-School are all volunteers who are also parents and many of them hold down (proper!) jobs as well. Please show your support for the great work that they do by coming along to the AGM in the Preschool on Wednesday 19th October at 8pm. See you there!


WOW vouchers are available for you to let us know of any achievements your child makes outside Pre-School and to allow us to celebrate with them.  This might be an award for a sport/hobby or mastering a task such as putting their socks and shoes on!

January Sessions

You will shortly receive your request for sessions for January 2012. Please complete these and return asap to Jo Bell. Toggles will be very busy in January as all those children starting school in September 2012 will be attending these sessions. Please try to be flexible in your choices for sessions. Thank you.

Paying Invoices

You can now pay your Pre-School invoices using Internet Banking. Our bank details are as follows:

Lloyds Bank. Account Name: Blue Coat Pre-School Unit & Busy Bees.

Account no. 00902879 Sort Code: 30-98-29.

Please quote Child’s Name & Pre-School as reference. Prompt payment is much appreciated.

Dates for your Diary

Pre-School will be closed on 31st October as this is a school inset day.


Caroline Lee and the Pre-School Team


Pre-School: 01453 525 022

Administrator (Jo Bell) : 07873 890689

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.