Parent Fundraising Group Newsletter - January 2014

Well didn’t that term fly! Welcome back and welcome to our first newsletter of 2014. In it I’ll introduce you to the (not so) new committee and tell you about our plans for the rest of the year.

But first a look back…

tortworthWe kicked off the autumn term with what felt like a rush of activities. To start we provided refreshments at the Tortworth Lake October open day. It was glorious autumn day in a beautiful setting which we were delighted so many of you chose to share with us. The kids made some fabulous crafts (like the leaf friends in a twig frame on the left) and we far exceeded our ambitions. We’d sold out of cake and soup by 3pm and even exhausted the gas cylinder for the urn! We raised a whopping £480 so thank you for all your support.

A couple of weeks later the weather was less kind for our town hall teas. However you were incredibly generous with your cake donations and by the time we’d sold the leftovers at the now routine cake sale the next day we’d raised a further £300. Thank you once again!

We did then have our big event for the year planned for early November: Frog Racing. Unfortunately, due to a clash with several other local events, we just didn’t sell enough tickets and had to cancel. It was a really hard decision. We’d booked it almost a year ahead and a lot of hard work had gone into the planning. However I’m delighted to say that all of the companies who had agreed to sponsor us or had donated funds have kindly agreed to roll these forward to the next event. This is amazingly generous and we’re incredibly grateful for their support.

The autumn term also saw us run several other fundraising activities including pre-school photos and Christmas cards, and Organised Mum orders. These brought in a further £150.  And of course we also helped out at the pre-school nativity serving refreshments and making sure Santa had his gifts to give to the children.

A new committee

At the AGM in October we had two new faces join us as Secretary and Treasurer.  Christine Kuo is our new Secretary - Christine has a son Hugo who is in Poppers and Amy Bryce is our new Treasurer - Amy has twin boys Alex and Theo who are in Toggles.

Spending money

As you all know our primary focus is raising money for the playground resurfacing. However because all our funds have been going into the playground pot the list of other items needed is getting pretty long. Once we realised Frog Night was not going to help us reach the target as soon as we had hoped, we decided to put some of last term’s funds toward other much needed items. These include some toys for the older Busy Bees children, some dual-language books for pre-school (to help those who don’t have English as a first language) and part-payment toward a new computer for the Unit.

Help needed!

Cherry Davies has been doing a brilliant job over the last year sorting out vouchers you bring us in from supermarkets, cereal packets etc and turning them into ‘stuff’. We’ve had garden toys, books and sports equipment. However Cherry’s children aren’t in the Unit anymore so we’re looking for someone else to take the role on. If you can spare a half an hour once or twice a term then please do let me know either via the FB page or on the email at the end of the newsletter.

Supporting and being supported by local business

Like many of you we were delighted to see a new fruit and veg shop open up in Wotton. Amy wasted no time in working out a deal with ‘Wotton Fruits’ (on the corner of Market St & Long St) for providing the Pre-School fruit and veg snack. It’s a great way for the children to try different (and seasonal) foods plus we get to support a new business. If you’re on Toggles parent duty on a Monday morning then part of your role is doing the fruit shop so you’ll get a chance to check it out first hand!

Dates for your Diary

Somewhat unusually we don’t have many dates for you just yet but we do have lots of plans:

Obviously we need to replace Frog Night with a large event and this is our current focus. We’re looking to plan a Barn Dance for sometime in either May or June so get your dancing shoes on and come join us for a cider or two!

Town Hall Teas is booked for 28 September so please make sure you put it in the diary.

We’ve applied to run the teas at Tortworth again and hope to find out next month if we’re lucky enough to get a slot for a second year.

Curry take-away night number three will happen at some point over the year – probably autumn time – so that’s another one to look forward to.

And I’m pretty sure Toggles Bear will be up for some kind of celebration over the next couple of terms so there’ll be something for the children to enjoy too!

One last ask

We’re looking to pull together a Pre-School and Busy Bees cookery book to raise funds. It’ll be full of – well whatever you want it to be really! We’re thinking family recipes, the ‘best ever sponge / biscuit / brownie / whatever’ recipes, cooking with and for kids recipes, and even recipes for modelling dough. If you’ve got a recipe you and your family love and would like to see it in print, please share it with us. Either drop it into Pre-School / Busy Bees or email it to us at the address below. Once we’ve got enough to get us started we’ll let you know more about how it will be put together but for now anything goes!

Many thanks for your support.

Clare Dinnis, Chair of Pre-School and Busy Bees Fundraising Group

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