Knowing Me; Knowing You

For our pupils to embark on a lifetime journey of continual self-improvement, first they must learn about and know themselves as individuals.

19 11 07 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 13 40 45Each person is like an iceberg, with only a small amount that we see on the surface, and huge, hidden depths lurking beneath. We encourage our children to grapple with some big questions to reveal more about these dimensions of self:

  • How well do I know myself as a person based on a range of views and experiences?
  • In different situations, what am I feeling and how do I respond appropriately?  
  • What will help me have a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle?
  • How do I make sure my viewpoints are informed and fair?

When children gain answers to these questions then they can start to take greater control of their own lives by taking action to improve mental and physical health, develop greater emotional intelligence, have a balanced perspective of their self-image etc. Quite simply, they start to become empowered in their choices to become better people.

As special and as important as we deem each child to be, we encourage them to look outside of themselves and recognise their responsibility to learn about other people too.

The quality of the relationships we have is one of the biggest determiners of how happy we are. It is important children learn that they share the world with a huge diversity of people: some may be similar to them but also often different. Moreover, it is important that they respect this diversity and embrace individual differences throughout their lives, whether at work, in relationships or experiencing different cultures both at home or away. 

As a result of learning about others, the children will contemplate answers to some equally big questions:

  • How are other peoples’ lives similar and different to mine? 
  • How and why should I show respect for those who are different to me?
  • What’s the best way to communicate with a variety of people in a variety of situations?
  • What makes an effective team and how should I contribute to its success?

In 'Learning about Ourselves and Others', every child will begin to realise their roles and responsibilities as an effective (and improving) global citizen, destined to make the world a better place for everyone.

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