We are immensely proud of the behaviour that our children display at Blue Coat Primary School.  We are regularly complemented by visitors and by the people that we visit on the behaviour and manners of our children.  Instances of negative behaviour are rare and enormously outnumbered by examples of kindness and thoughtfulness towards others.  Our SIAMS report 2019, supports our evaluation, stating:

The behaviour policy is effective and makes clear how the chosen core values, particularly respect, enable pupils to be compassionate towards others. Pupils are inspired to take action to challenge injustice through a range of fundraising and charitable action. They are empowered to be agents for change.

Children's learning behaviours are equally positive.  This contributes to them achieving highly across the curriculum and supporting each other in their learning.  When new children come to join our school, parents tell us that their peers consideration and kindness has helped them to settle and very quickly be happy at our school.

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Our aim is not for children to be happy at all times.  This is unrealistic and, potentially, an unhealthy aspiration.  We expect our children to experience a range of emotions but be able to deal with them.  Through doing this, we help our children not to become "stuck" on an emotion.  For the majority of the time, our children tell us that they are happy at school but also that it is ok when they are not, as they know what to do.

When children are having difficulties with their emotions, our interventions help.  Both children and their families tell us that our individual support makes a difference.  This is not to say that our counsellors work in isolation.  They are effective because they work alongside our teachers to help us to constantly adjust our teaching and our interactions in order to meet the specific needs of individuals.