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14 Nov 2015 12:59pm

2015-11-14 01.01.27 pmFriday saw Children In Need in full fundraising force at Blue Coat. Our Year 5 and 6 pupils took the initiative to set up stalls for the rest of the school aimed at providing games, activities and delicious foods all for sale to raise monies for the charity.

We will confirm a school total of funds raised on the headteacher's tweet on the home page.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this worthy cause. Enjoy some photo highlights from the morning...

06 Nov 2015 01:09pm

RocketScienceAs a school with a rich outdoor environment, we respect and love wildlife. Equally, we love Science and it is now a weekly timetabled slot for Blue Coat pupils. So it is only fitting that the school try to be involved in something as tantalising as "growing seeds from space" on our school site!

Below is a press release related to one lucky class who will be involved in the 'experiment':

06 Nov 2015 11:23am

football-fiesta-salisburyOur girls' football team have already secured a place in the County Finals next month. The boys were then tasked with trying to do the same thing as they took to the pitches of Katherine Lady Berkeley school, hungry for that photo finish. Mrs Arnold was there, cheering on from the sidelines...

15 Oct 2015 06:47pm

2015-10-15 07.50.15 pmOur Girls' Football team last year narrowly missed out on significant success at the county finals. Given the space of a year - and now that they're wiser, stronger and better - they kicked off the Blue Coat sporting calendar with a brilliant performance. Mr Brooks watched from the sidelines and reports the following...

14 Oct 2015 09:40am

UnknownDue to the commitment of Blue Coat families, our school can be proud of high rates of pupil attendance. Extensive research shows the positive relationship that exists between pupil attendance and their in-school achievement.

For this reason, attendance really does matter and we take a wide range of actions in school to promote and support healthy pupil attendance.

The Department for Education (DfE) continues to highlight the importance of this issue through policymaking. As a result, we must highlight some recent changes that now affect schools and families nationally.

05 Oct 2015 09:06am

FullSizeRender-8Friday saw us formally saying 'Welcome' to our new Reception starters and their families at St Mary's Church. The service was packed full of songs, hymns, readings and, of course, the ceremonious placing of pebbles around the school's holy candle.

The tradition of pebbles was formed a few years ago by our Year 6's. As 'buddies' of our reception children, they wanted to formalise the friendship through gift-giving at the service.The pebbles were chosen to be handpainted so as to be customised for their buddy, with the reception child's name on the underside. The recipient's pebble sits around our holy candle throughout their first year at Blue Coat, symbolising the fact that they are the youngest learners whom are being nurtured and introduced to our Christian values of Respect, Responsibility, Creativity and Happiness.

30 Sep 2015 12:26pm

187567849Making the choice of which school is right for your child is a really big one, we know. In October we are going to help prospective parents of the school make that choice a little easier (we hope) by opening our doors to give a taster as to what we stand for and where we hope to be heading.

25 Sep 2015 04:12pm

2015-09-25 05.12.48 pmWe broke our 'Big Breakfast fast' today by reintroducing the event to our Key Stage 2 community. Support from families was, as usual, excellent as early risers tucked into a selection of cereals, pastries and drinks from 8am in our school hall.

Meet The Future

09 Sep 2015 12:55pm

FullSizeRenderLast week, children in Year 1 to Year 6 classes got creative in their electioneering campaign to be voted in as pupil leaders of our school. Blue Coat's Future Leaders are elected 'for the pupil by the pupil' on an annual basis. Their role? To work alongside the school's leaders to improve our school for everyone.

Announced in our Star Achiever assembly on Friday, the excitement mounted as this year's leaders were, one by one, called to the front to show the rest of the school who was representing them. The children were very convincing in their campaigns and gave pupils and teachers alike great confidence in them to communicate issues and ideas raised in classes to the school's leaders for their attention.

08 Sep 2015 12:58pm

BC 36 of 122Several newspaper column inches have been devoted to the government's launch of website over recent days. Recognising the importance of young people staying safe online, the Education Secretary has called for a website that informs parents of the perils of the online world and how they can help keep children safe. It raises parental awareness of a number of issues, websites, and technologies that parents should get to grips with, but also publishes a glossary of 'text chat' used by young people when socialising online. Please do check out this resource and its partnering websites for invaluable up-to-date information.