We're 'Droppin' Science!'

In the words of many a rapper, today in school we were "droppin' science" [Translation: do something original, unique] thanks to the inspiration of Mr Bailey and his dedicated team of scientists and engineers (headed by Mrs Alliston, Mrs Harper and Mrs Pullin).

Walking around the school throughout the day, I saw governors, parents, secondary pupils, buddies, scientists, engineers and, just about, TEACHERS! Believe it or not, barely being able to spot teachers in a busy, engaged classroom is a great thing in teaching as it shows that true independent learning is taking place (assuming the teacher is also busy supporting and not having a cup of tea in the staffroom!) The first day was a resounding success and you can mark this by counting the number of tongues out on concentrated faces in the photos. 

Lots more photos will follow throughout the week so keep checking the news but also all of the class blogs. 

A big thank you to everyone who made today a unique and memorable start to our Science and Engineering Week.

Science Week Pt1: Reception + Buddies

Science Week Pt2: Years 1&2

Science Week Pt3: Years 3&4

Science Week Pt4: Years 5&6