Science & Engineering Week Countdown - 3 days!

On only Monday, the school turns its hands to everything Science and Engineering. Parent helpers have been invited, secondary pupils are being parachuted in for back-up, and trained scientists and engineers will be working with teachers to inspire our children to co-operate, collaborate and create some brilliant inventions.

We're really looking forward to it and can't wait to celebrate these subjects in our grand finale on the Friday 'Celebration Assembly'. Children: we are on the lookout for star scientists as our 'Star Achievers' this week!

Science Fact 2: Did you know that the process of food travelling down the pipe (oesophagus) leading to your stomach is automatic? In fact, this process is called peristalsis and is a wave of muscles squeezing whilst you don't even think about it. These squeezes are so strong that even if you decided to eat an apple standing on your head, it would work against gravity and push the food pieces up towards your stomach! Wow!