Science & Engineering Week Countdown - 11 days

Blue Coat will be holding its first Science and Engineering Week on 12th March. Letters home previously have revealed a very hands-on week packed full of fun whilst affording children the opportunity to create something that they can make and take home. Our team of experts have been working round the clock to make the week special and evoke a sense of 'awe and wonder' in our pupils when it comes to Science & Engineering.

We're going to do a countdown to the event with some weird and wonderful Science facts to whet appetites. Here's our first one...

1. WEIGHT WATCHERS: If you want a crash course in dieting then buy a plane ticket to the equator. Everyone weighs (fractionally) less there due to the Earth not being a perfect spherical shape and being a bit 'bulged' around the middle, meaning you are further from the Earth's core there. Since gravity weakens with distance then you are pulled at a lesser force towards the core on the equator and therefore you weigh less! Conversely, if you want to put weight on then take a trip to the poles!