We've Got KNEX In The Right Places!

Today, the Year 5's took part in the KNEX challenge. The children looked at what engineers do and the nature of the construction kits to be used before embarking upon their half-day task. Using construction kits in teams of two, the children had to rise to the challenge of building a form of transport which would be used during the Olympic Games whilst meeting the following criteria:

  • hold 10-15 people
  • have more than 3 wheels
  • able to hold cargo
  • easy access with doors and a ramp
  • seats for passengers, including the driver
  • has steering

The event organiser was particularly impressed with the co-operation and social skills of our children who worked tirelessly for a place in the finals where they will compete with children from 100 schools!

Each session had a winner, of which only one pair would be put forward for the final heat. In the morning session Hayden B and Oliver W from Class China impressed the judge with a fantastic construction meeting all of the criteria. In the afternoon session it was Matthew C and Ralph H from Class India who managed to win their heat, and were subsequently judged overall Blue Coat KNEX champions for 2012! Well done both boys who managed to fight off stiff competition - especially from several girl pairs - and who will now proudly represent our school in the next challenge!

Thanks to Mrs Fowles and Mrs Spill for supervising our impeccably behaved future Year 6's through the challenges today, giving moral support!

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