Can't Get Much Batter Than This!

Yesterday, Shrove Tuesday, the much-anticipated 2012 Blue Coat Pancake Race was held in front of a rapturous crowd of pupils, parents and staff. This hotly contested event is held in high esteem owing to the impressive rewards on offer to the most co-operative, athletically gifted and strategic 2-man team: a pancake mix and the coveted Blue Coat Pancake Prize Trophy. Tensions were high...

Having scanned the 4 corners of Wotton - and under the tables of the staffroom - Mrs Merrikin and friends managed to attract 8 teams to this year's sell-out event, drawing on age, beauty, wisdom, raw power and experience. With their best efforts, these finely tuned athletes proved to be:

Mr Herring & Mr Bailey (staff)

Mrs Kenny & Mrs Blaken (parents)

Mrs Beake & Mr Beattie (PTA)

Mrs Jones & Mr Brooks (staff)

Mr Watson & Mrs Stephens (PTA)

Mrs Bell & Mrs McClusky

Mrs Weston & Mr Moss

Mr Reynolds & Mr Wilson (parents)

Competition was, naturally, fierce and a series of heats resulted in the Bailey/Herring duo meeting the Reynolds/Wilson tag-team in a closely fought final which had spectators glued like an Airfix model. However, there could only be one winner and the slideshow below reveals all. Well done to all of the teams taking part and the individuals from staff and PTA who managed to make the event run as clockwork. Let's see if we can squeeze even more into the event and do even batter next year...

[Huge thanks to Mr Titley, our resident events photographer(!), for the images and his talented eye]