PREVIEW: Class Caribbean - a 'Fly on the Wall' perspective

When designing the website we were keen to bring parents, families and visitors  further 'into' the school from the comfort of their own homes. It quickly became apparent that although Paperhorse were up to the task of designing something bespoke (and undoubtedly impressive), our budget dictated otherwise!

In the meantime, I have been looking for alternative solutions and managed to stumble upon 'Photosynth' as an iPhone app a few months ago. It takes a series of photos as the user pans the landscape and then cleverly stitches the photos together to show a continuous panoramic shot with very few seams. The implications for this seemed apparent: let's show our parents and visitors where the children learn every day. The class assemblies have offered a real-life opportunity for parents to spend time in class but we can always do more, right?

Best viewed in 'full screen mode' (the far right icon at the bottom), the user can click on and grab the scene and pan around the room, with +/- buttons for zooming. Please wait a second to two after panning for the shot to come into focus. Higher resolution pictures will follow in the next shots so this should improve the zoom feature. Please be aware that this feature uses 'Silverlight' and may require additional plugins for your browser if it is not working/viewable.

Class Caribbean was our guinea pig but watch out for more classrooms appearing very soon!