Disney Pixar Watch Out (Are we too late for Oscar nominations?)

Our Milepost 3 classes have all been exploring the field of Animation as part of their IPC topic: Myths and Legends. As well as yielding some of their best writing to date, the topic has lent itself to the children being more creative with ICT. They've all made their own characters, designed storyboards, and independently in small groups brought their stories to life through the use of technology ('I Can Animate' software).

Below is a selection of some of the first completed movies from Class India along with proposed Oscar nominations! The Academy, are you watching?

Shortlisted Movie: The Great Slug Race
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Mollie M, Jolie F, Lucy T
Specific Oscar Nomination: Best Swamp Scene

Shortlisted Movie: The 3 Slugeteers and the Big Bad Lettuce
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Tarragon N, Ollie B, Sarah L
Specific Oscar Nomination: Most Dramatic On-screen Lettuce Death

Shortlisted Movie: (Super) Slug Race
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Ben F and friends
Specific Oscar Nomination: Most Appalling Use of a Foot

Shortlisted Movie: Sluve Scene
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Tom S and friends
Specific Oscar Nomination: Most Heart-wrenching Ending & Best On-screen Kiss

Shortlisted Movie: The Great Race
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Jude W, Alfie G, Simon A
Specific Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Banana Skin

Shortlisted Movie: The Kiss and the Brick
Category: Best Animation
Directors: Hannah D, Iris A, Ella B, Emily J
Specific Oscar Nomination: Best On-screen Romance & Most Tragic Squash