Free Ebooks for Parent-child Home Reading

The PTA supported the school significantly last year by investing in several of the Oxford University Press reading schemes from Reception to Year 6. The other day I stumbled upon a series of ebooks taken from the range. The ebooks also support independent reading as they have an audiobook feature and provide a nice alternative to print every once in a while [Note: due to the requirement of Flash Player, these sadly won't work on iPads!]

The content of this scheme is very current and appeals to many children's interests (I particularly recommend the 'Treetops' graphic novels that begin in Years 3 and 4). The ebooks can be filtered by book type and series on the Oxford Owl website.

Here are the links. They'll also shortly be added to the Home Learning menu for each Key Stage:

Ages 4-5

Ages 5-6

Ages 6-7

Ages 7-9

Ages 9-11