Top Trumped!

After school today, Mr Herring came into my office beaming from ear to ear, looking rather pleased with himself. He confidently placed a large pack of cards on my desk before folding his arms with pride. This wasn't just any pack of cards... this deck of Top Trump cards had been lovingly crafted by his pupils in Class India and, it must be said, the results are pretty impressive.

Each card is the result of a child's Christmas holiday research undertaken on a mythical creature that they were intrigued by (you can see their initial findings posted on the class blog). The children then took this information, refined it and formatted it in such a way that each character is attributed a score in 6 categories (strength, bravery, speed, weapons, magic and intelligence) totalling 150 points.

Mr Herring and I couldn't resist giving the Top Trumps cards their first outing. Sadly, there was only one victor and it wasn't me! Well done, Class India!