"Ba-da-ba-da, he's the greatest dancer!"

Last night our PTA held an annual favourite for our pupils: The School Disco! Children turned out in their droves, dressed to the nines and ready to bop the night away (well, for an hour anyway!) The music was loud, the moves were smooth, and the behaviour was impeccable - well done children.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the PTA members involved for putting on such a fantastic night.

In addition, thanks go to Mr 'Conga King' Clements, Mrs Good(moves)ship, Mrs 'Headspin' Hawkins and Mrs 'Boogy down' Blaken for their attendance at the Key Stage 1 disco. And thanks also go to Mr 'Bodypopping' Bailey, Mrs 'Major Moves' Morgan and Miss 'Latin legwork' Lewis for their supervision at the Key Stage 2 disco. Mr Carlton was also a fantastic 'doorman' who kept out the rowdy crowd - good job!

Who would this be leading the Conga?

...it's still not quite clear who it might be...

Ah, yes... there we go: our very own Mr 'Conga King' Clements (complete with rave attire neckwear)

Meanwhile, at the Key Stage 2 disco the dance floor got dark and dancers made their mark...



Can anyone recognise our rubber limbed dancer in the foreground sporting his favourite dance move: 'The Injured Albatross'?

The night finished with a Key Stage Christmas Conga - can you spot yourself?