Welcome Service for Reception 2011

We think we do a pretty good job of celebrating the end of the journey through Blue Coat with the Year 6 Leavers' Service. But what about the start of that journey?

Mr Bailey and Mrs Nelson asked that very question and answered it with a Blue Coat first: a Welcome Service for Reception at St Mary's church. The service is an official welcoming of Reception children and their parents to the Blue Coat community.

As well as the Reception children, the Year 6 'buddies' were integral to the service. Busily painting away this week, our Year 6's decorated individual patterns and motifs on a pebble for their Reception buddy. These named stones were placed around a large candle during the service, with the idea being that the children only retrieve them when it comes to their Year 6 Leavers' Service (when they'll be Year 6 buddies themselves) - almost 7 years away! We hope that the stone acts as a memento of their time in the school and is something that they can slip in their bag or pocket etc when embarking on their new journeys at secondary schools. 

The candle and stone will be proudly homed in our school entrance hall and added to every year hereafter.