Parents' Lunch Appointments With 'Class Assembly Dessert'!

The Class Assembly has been a popular Blue Coat staple for some years and for that matter will continue into this year. However...

...we've decided to go one step further and invite parents of children in the class conducting the assembly to lunch in the school hall. The lunch will have a theme pertaining to the country that your child is in and Mrs Hayward is busy concocting recipes and trialling menus as I write! It'll be great for parents and children to have lunch together before finding out what they've learnt in class so far this year.

This will mean that parents will be invited in earlier than normal for the lunch and will then spectate an earlier class assembly at around 1.30pm rather than at the end of the day. It will also mean that children who usually have hot dinners that day will taste the delights of a new, one-day-only menu! Details will follow early next week so that children and parents know which foods are available to choose from.

Mr Bailey's class, Class New Zealand, are going to be our guinea pigs in this new approach. We hope that  parents will enjoy the experience and we welcome your feedback afterwards.