Mile Post 3: 'Making New Materials' Topic Launch

Years 5 and 6 started the term with a fizz, pop and a BANG today as they embarked upon a series of 'Awe and Wonder' science experiments involving cola, mints, nail varnish, bleach, vinegar and other household substances. The children took part in a morning of hands-on investigations and watched some highly entertaining experiments conducted by Mr Brooks, Mr Herring and Mr Bailey (only when the dangerous chemicals were being used).

Predicting, hypothesising, recording, interpreting and explaining were just some of the key investigative skills that the children were practising this morning. Take a look at some of the highlights below but please check the class blogs for more in-depth commentaries:

"P.P. Boy" demonstrates the effects of liquids and gases heating and cooling rapidly!


Tom, Harry and Alfie find an imaginative way to blow up balloons without a single puff!


...Esther and Lauren discover likewise!

Class India fire off film canister rockets...

Mr Brooks shows Class India the effect that carbon dioxide has on combustion...

At the end of the morning, Milepost 3 share a bottle of Diet Coke with half a packet of Mento mints in the grand finale!