The Writing's on the (Harvest) Wall

This Friday afternoon, we will be making our way to our local church, St Mary's, to hold our annual pupil-only Harvest Festival. In preparation for the event, we have a Harvest Writing Wall in our usual place of reflection. Oranges, reds and pictures of Harvest-associated themes pervade the wall upon which children are asked to write down their:

  • prayers
  • thoughts
  • or poems

related to Harvest time. The most thoughtful and inspiring examples will be read out by children in church on Friday.

This year we have decided to collect our donations for the fundraising supported by the 'Meet Me in Winter' project. The money raised will go to both the SHELTER project for the homeless or near homeless and with a second aim of providing activities for young people in Wotton, including the re-opening of the youth centre. If parents can spend £1 for this cause then we'd be most grateful - thank you.

Here's our wall after 24 hours: