Our Eager, Early Writers

Today, upon walking down to the gate I had some mail from the postmen. Yes, that's right, POSTMEN. There were two of them, to be precise. One was called Evie and the other was named Edwin. Both of them handed me some wonderful envelopes which they'd taken the time to decorate and address.

Here's what was in Edwin's mail. This really enthuses me and gets me excited as to receive written work that's been addressed to me from our Early Writers in Reception is so special. Edwin was inspired by seeing big sister Evie write and was determined to get it just right! Our Reception writers this year are really exploring writing through taking pictures of where they find and who they find writing! Their 'PRINT wall' in their classes displays this perfectly. I'm especially looking forward to our print walk next week around Wotton.

Thank you Evie and Edwin for a wonderful start to my day!