We have a HEART FM Spelling Bee Champion in our midsts!

On Wednesday, HEART FM came to the school with DJ Warren Moore to hold a Spelling Bee heat for a small selection of our best Year 5&6 spellers. It was a closely fought competition, culminating in a Lillie versus Hayden final. Words like 'artistic', 'favouritism' and 'cultivate' appeared in the Bee, but none of which caused school champion Hayden (Year 5, Class China) to break a sweat. To catch the show and hear our contestants (Lillie, Hayden, Matthew, Oliver, Anna and Sarah) listen in to HEART FM on Tuesday 11th October at 8.20am.

Modest but yet quietly confident, Hayden strolled into my office today to take part in the regional finals by telephone with around 6 other school finalists and the radio station buzzing on the other end of the line. He'd done some 'light training' since the school heat and was limbered up and ready to go...

In the first rounds, Hayden effortlessly hurdled words such as 'accurate' and 'password' whilst his opponents crumbled under the pressure. Several turns later our Blue Coat boy met a very confident young fellow in the final round. A studio coin was tossed to decide who would go first under 'sudden death' conditions. His opponent lost the toss and all cool-headed Hayden had to do was make the choice to spell second (Hayden could spell his opponent's words anyway) to clinch victory from his self-doubting finalist.

Well done, Hayden: all of the Blue Coat teaching team are very proud of you and you have shown us just what can be achieved with a dedication to being an excellent, accurate speller.

The results will be mentioned on HEART FM News and the final will be aired on either Wednesday 12th or Friday 14th October (apparently!)