Coronavirus: Our Childcare Offer to Vulnerable Pupils & Key Worker Families

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),
Today, we have opened our doors to families of vulnerable pupils and key workers. 
We appreciate the conscious efforts you have made to make childcare arrangements at home wherever possible. This is the safest place for your child at this time. However, some don't have this option and this is where you can rely on the school's support.
Many families communicated the desire for an option of childcare to remain open should their critical roles change in coming days or weeks. This is, of course, the case and we only require that you communicate with us should this happen. Ideally, you would always use the ParentMail app (as school phones cannot always be managed during these periods) to notify us in advance so as to arrange staffing, but we appreciate that this won't always be practical. In these instances, just bring them to school with a labelled water bottle and we will work with you. School will be open from8am - 6pm (or until the last child leaves) daily until further notice.
Similarly, should you not require your regular childcare arrangement on any given day then please would you notify the school as you would usually so that we can account for them in our daily registration procedure and catering arrangements.
Thank you and please stay safe in your roles and in your homes.
Mark Ryan