Wonder at Our Window Wanderland

thumbnail image0The school has joined the local community in the Window Wanderland transformation of Wotton. The principle behind the project is to get people out and about of an evening to marvel at the creativity of window displays throughout the community.

We're lucky enough to have some creative 'dab hands' on staff, so Mrs Murray, Mrs Wallace, Miss Cole and Mrs Forman set to work to transform the front windows of our school building into a child-centred masterpiece. The materials were produced by our pupils with Miss Cole's Art Club, in particular, making significant contributions to the artwork. Well done, everyone!

The hands of pupils as well as the school's Vision and Values populate the display work. I think you'll agree, the final result is stunning and it will be a shame to lose it! 

The wandering has been extended to one more night (Monday 10th February) due to Sunday's storms. Please, if you get time to see it in the flesh then take a wander up the school drive to see it, and all of the many other local displays, in its full glory.

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