Shop 'til you Pop!

DSC01711As the children progress through Blue Coat, they are expected to encounter higher and higher stakes in their learning. It doesn't get much more serious than when it comes to raising the stakes to set up a profitable business using public monies!

Thankfully, our Year 5 and 6 children rose to the challenge in their 'Pop-up Shop' learning vehicle that was introduced back in September. Since that time, they have researched a charity they felt passionate about raising funds for. They have looked at multiple aspects of business such as business planning, shareholding, profit and loss margins, and unique selling points. They have collaborated in their teams to design a desirable product worthy of selling to the public. They have manufactured their final product, organising supplies to arrive both on time and within cost margins. They have marketed the event, presented their stalls, and engaged with members of the public when trying to influence and persuade for successful sales. They have learned to negotiate within teams, deal with conflict, problem-solve things that have gone wrong or not according to plan. Learning was in abundance.

This was all the more evident when the children closed the active part of their learning vehicle on Saturday when they sold their products to the public. It was immensely satisfying to see them thrive in such an alien situation for them. Some teams were so successful that they had sold out of their products within minutes(!) Other children took to the high street to drum up trade, attempting to entice passers by. 

The children were, today, counting the cash and will shortly have the satisfaction of issuing shareholders with their guaranteed return investment. After this, the children will then be writing their own cheques for the charities they set out to support. 

Once again, this vehicle proved to be a resounding Blue Coat success, putting child empowerment at the very heart of the learning. 

A huge thank you to the Milepost 3 teaching team for all of their inspiration and perspiration in coaching the children. Many thanks for the impressive level of parental support throughout the learning experience, including those selling refreshments and helping children set up and pack down shops on Saturday. Finally, a big thank you to the Wotton Baptist Church for supporting the event by letting the children set up shop, enjoying such a fantastic facility.

A flavour of just some of the stalls and the Christmas products on offer: