Changing Rooms Revamp for Pupils

IMG 6498INSET days at Blue Coat are usually an exhausting affair for the teaching staff. Their brains hurt as they deepen their understanding of how we can work to prepare our children for their futures. Recent INSET days involved a slightly different form of exhaustion...

We've been reviewing what messages the school sends out to our pupils and wider stakeholders. In doing so, we realised that we could be doing a better job. As a staff team, we led a revamp project over the 2 days of INSET, with many teachers, teaching assistants, leaders and our site manager, Mr Haynes, using the half-term holiday to carry out additional work to bring the school up to scratch for our pupils.

The results should speak for themselves. There are still some finishing touches but the transformation has been phenomenal. Now the school's vision and branding is far more prominent, making it clear what we at Blue Coat value most: our children. The best bit is they seem to like it too!

When you come in to school next, please feel free to wander and ask your child to show you what's changed. Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of just some of the changes:

IMG 6480

IMG 6482

IMG 6484

IMG 6486

IMG 6488

IMG 6489

IMG 6491

IMG 6492

IMG 6495

IMG 6497

IMG 6499

IMG 6500