Pupils Raise An Eye-Watering £600 for Charity

A sponsored run organised by Blue Coat pupils has raised £592.00 for Water Aid.

Three of our Year 6 girls were inspired to raise money when they noticed water being wasted. Anya P., who had the original idea, said, "My brother was wasting water at home which made me think about people in other countries who don't have the clean water we have".

She was ably helped in organising the event by Brooke J. and Maddy H. 

"Organising the event was a challenge because we had to work out how far people had to run, get sponsorship forms printed and motivate people to take part" said Brooke.

Maddy added, "We didn't think we'd raise so much money! All of the hard work was worth it."

We are incredibly proud of the girls who came up with the original idea and organised everything for themselves. They are great role models and will hopefully inspire other pupils to raise money for charities close to their hearts.