Eat Your Heart Out, Robin Hood!

ArcheryYesterday, a small group of elite Blue Coat archers competed in the Level 2 Primary School Games event at KLB.

As a school, we try to ensure that we compete in a wide range of sports, catering to a wide range of children - those who regularly compete in sport through to those who don't get the opportunity to.

Mrs Denning reported that they shot really well, impressing the coaches not only with their skills but also their behaviour and positive attitudes. Well done, children, for representing the school so proudly whilst accruing a whopping score in the process! Thanks to Mrs Denning and Mrs Iddles for affording the children this opportunity.







Well done to the team and congratulations on being such great ambassadors for Blue Coat. Thank you also to Mrs Denning who gave up her own time to accompany and motivate the children.