Awe-inspiring Visit to Gloucester Places of Worship

Cathedral MP2 visitPupils in Mile Post 2 were treated to a visit to Gloucester on Wednesday 24th April to experience two different places of worship: the cathedral and mosque. 

The aim of the trip was to support the children’s learning in RE but also to broaden and extend their cultural awareness so they can find out who they share their world with.

Imam Hassan  gave us a guided tour of the mosque where we viewed the wash room, prayer hall and study area. During the visit, we heard the call of prayer, observed the five different prayer positions, learned about the festival of Ramadan and found out about the many similarities that the major world religions of Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam share. Imam Hassan spoke passionately about his belief that we are all one in the eyes of God and we should follow his teachings of love your neighbour as yourself. That way, he explained, we can all live in harmony together.

The visit to the cathedral was awe-inspiring and many of the children were  amazed by its magnitude. We learnt about the significance of this historical building and why for so many years its been a place of spiritual fulfilment. We found out how many of the Bible stories are illustrated in the stain glass windows and how the cathedral is a welcoming place for everyone.

Special thanks go to the organisers of the trip and to the governors, clergy and parent helpers who without their support the trip would not have been possible.

Mosque MP2 visit