Future MPs Inspired by Visit to Parliament

IMG 1027Following on from the visit of our local MP, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown earlier this month, a highly-anticipated visit to the 'Mother of Parliaments' last week saw over 90 children from years 5 and 6 seeing democracy in action. 

After a long coach journey, we passed through security and were immediately inside the Gothic syle building and right into the heart of the action...

Sitting in the public galleries of both the House of Lords and House of Commons whilst they were in session allowed the children to witness our democratic process first hand. They watched in silent admiration as speeches were delivered and responded to. 

That preceeded the workshops on campaigning and lawmaking. In these, the children found out about various types of campaigning along with the different levels of government. This understanding was vital when they were asked to choose an issue to campaign for and compete in teams against their classmates. 

Although it was a very long day with a lot of travelling, it was a fantastic experience which was enjoyed by all. 

With the successful introduction of the Year 6 'DB8' debate club this year, maybe we'll see some Blue Coat pupils   debating in one of the two chambers in the future!