20/20 Play Vision

IMG 20160915 124353706It's Global School Play Day 2019 (on 6th February), and what better way to celebrate than to launch Blue Coat's Vision for Play (and, of course, enjoy some outdoor play!)

Our Play Vision was drafted by Blue Coat Year 6 pupils in the summer term 2018. The pupils were interviewed by Mrs Murray and had the chance to reflect on their play at school, to talk about what they felt was important and how their playtimes affected the rest of their time at school.

The Play Vision paints a picture of what we feel play at Blue Coat could and should be. The six statements describe what we would like all Blue Coat pupils to experience and feel through their play by the time they reach year 6. It also shows how much Blue Coat values play and is committed to supporting play for all our pupils. Here it is:

The Play Vision has been presented to all pupils and staff and will inform our decision making and guide our future activities.


We live out our Christian values through play
- our core Christian values are practiced in our play
- respectful, responsible, creative and happy moments happen every day
- we can link these moments, our actions and our feelings

We are free
- play time is our time to play and relax
- we can choose what we want to do and who we want to play with
- we have lots of choice

DSC00430We are free-ranging
- we play outside all year
- a variety of spaces are open to us
- we are active every day

We are a community
- we all get to have our say
- our thoughts and actions help to improve outdoor play
- everyone in the school counts

We learn whilst we play
- play helps us to recognise our own strengths
- we can try new things
- we develop our people-skills and friendships through play

PLay Team award march2016We are supported
- we are confident that the adults at Blue Coat think our play time is important
- we are listened to
- we know that we can ask for help if we need it