Blogging at Blue Coat

This week at Blue Coat, teachers met to discuss the very exciting topic of 'Blogging'. The term blog derives from 'web log' and is a website or part of a website which offers a regular commentary on a specific subject or theme. Often graphics, audio and video are included along with the ability for readers to leave comments making it interactive and therefore distinguishing it from a standard website.

Through promoting the use of the Blue Coat blogs, teachers agreed that initially we will aim to:

  • enthuse and empower children to produce creativehigh quality writing about their learning

  • communicate regularly and conveniently with parents and the wider community so as to provide a 'window' into our learning environment

  • celebrate pupils' learning and achievements 

The power of blogging should not be underestimated. The Independent recently reported on the benefits of schools blogging and the effect that this has on raising standards in Writing and inspiring reluctant writers, often boys in particular.

However, there are plenty of potential pitfalls if not managed or planned for carefully. Issues of e-safety have to be considered and then taught to pupils before we let them loose on the blogs. In addition, the blogs are there to serve as an extension of the classroom and not children's social networks - this can otherwise lead to a diversity of language terms such as gr8, l8er, brb, lol etc, all of which have their time and place but will not feature on the school's blogs (just as they don't in school books!)

We hope to strike the fine balance of giving children the freedom, independence and ownership to write and contribute to the blogs whilst ensuring that the focus positively remains on learning.

A very exciting few months awaits and I personally can't wait to see the blogs brought to life by our children.