From Rainforests to Fairtrade!

Mr Willis MP2 visitThis week, the children in Mile Post 2 and Class Tabei have been fortunate to spend some time with visitors who have helped to both inform and amaze!

Blue Coat parent and wildlife cameraman Mateo Willis came in to speak to the children of Mile Post 2 about his internationally-reknowned work on the latest BBC Planet Earth 2 series with Sir David Attenburgh, specifically his experiences in the rainforest. This will help to inspire the children in their current topic "From the Treetops".

The awe-inspired children were captivated by the footage, images and stories Mr Willis shared and no doubt many were still talking about it excitedly well into the evening! 

Mr Willis MP2 visit

Not only that, the children of Class Tabei were visited by Mr Barter who came in to talk about Fair Trade. 

He spoke about the meaning of Fair Trade, the role of the Fair Trade Foundation and also fielded questions from the children which helped to clarify their understanding.  

The children in the class found it very informative and it will help them with their work for the Fair Trade Fortnight in Wotton between the 25th February and 10th March.