Father Christmas Arrives at Blue Coat... and Bears Gifts!

DSC01655Some schools are lucky with their PTA. We at Blue Coat, on the other hand, are blessed. So much so, that our PTA have a direct line with Father Christmas himself!

A very exciting breaktime was experienced today when chidlren discovered that Father Christmas had descended on our playground, complete with a team of PTA helpers (his elves are working around the clock wrapping, you see). And, of course, he didn't arrive empty-handed.

On the contrary, he managed to give each class a very special gift that would benefit all of the children in our school through play: bubble machines, wheeled transport, chalks, spinning tops, footballs and more. He even managed to sneak some sweets in there for each class.

Accompanied by some of the school's musicians playing recorder, it was a brilliant atmosphere and the children wasted no time trying out their new gifts.

A big thank you to Father Christmas for recognising our children's good behaviour. Moreover, a massive thank you to the ongoing support and 'good sports' of our PTA. A playtime to remember...

Merry Christmas, everyone!