Child-led 'Children In Need' 2018

pudsey bear 1We're really proud of the independence of our learners - none more so than when children reach Milepost 3 in our school. Using their own initiatives and ideas, our eldest pupils organised their own fundraiser at break time today for this all-important charity.

Nerf gun shoot-em-downs, guess the number of sweets, bookmark-making, popcorn selling, cake bakes and so much more was all on show for children to take part in or feast on. Of course, all proceeds will be pumped back in to Children In Need. 

A brilliant event - well done to Milepost 3 pupils. Well done to the teachers who also stepped back and allowed the children to show what they could achieve, yet again.

Fundraising total to be counted (by the pupils!) and announced.

Meanwhile, here are some highlights: