"G'day, (of) Sport!"

2018 07 02 02.18.31 pmMany of the pupils at Blue Coat have excellent opportunities with PE and Sport at school. Not only do we have teaching expertise at hand but we also have Mrs Dixon who coaches the teachers to develop their teaching skills in this subject further.

The school takes part in a very high percentage of local and regional competitions and experiences notable success in them. We also offer a wide range of after-school clubs that range from judo through to archery. 

However, each year, Sports Day is an opportunity for everyone to take part in competitive sport and rally for their respective house team. This year was no different. Following the success of the Key Stage 1 event previously, Key Stage 2 took to the field to earn points for their house teams in a combination of team field events and more traditional track races.

The children were outstanding. Determination, encouragement, perseverance and respect all came to the fore as the children cheered their peers on, including children in different house teams! It was a very proud day...

However, there can be only one winner...

  • 5th place: Orange 604 pts
  • 4th place: Green 606 pts
  • 3rd place: Blue 611 pts
  • 2nd place: Red 638 pts
  • 1st place: Yellow 646 pts

Well done, Yellow! 

Thank you for the impeccable organisation of the event by the staff team, supported by Mrs Bates and the KLB Sports Leaders. Excellent attendance from parents and families - thank you.

Enjoy some of the highlights...