Take Me Out!

IMG 7518100 pupils, family members and friends joined us for our Playing Out session, where the Blue Coat staff car park and driveway were closed to cars and open for play.

This event was inspired by the Playing Out street-play movement, which started in Bristol and has now gained momentum and recognition nationally. The idea is to (temporarily) reclaim residential roads for communities to come together and play and socialise safely. If you are interested in holding your own Playing Out event see their website: http://playingout.net/ 

The car park and driveway were perfect for scooting, biking, skateboarding, rollerbooting and even hover boarding! The slope of the car park was great for water play and the large tarmac surface gave us a giant blank-canvas for chalking. The trees allowed us to put up our Dengineering Zone slackline and hang-up some musical pots and pans. The path by Mr Carlton's shed became an archery range and we had some fab messy play with water beads and face paints (big thank you to Mrs Palmer).

Thank you you to all who came - these events are only a success if you turn up! The morning had a great relaxed atmosphere - let's do it again soon!