Families Hit the Field in Support for Blue Coat Play

2018 04 23 06.36.35 pmThis weekend, around 90 parents and pupils descended upon the school field  for a Play and Wildlife flowers event. Intended to be a relaxed occasion to enjoy the school field and its play opportunities, families took to planting a wildflower labyrinth (to accompany our daffodil one!) whilst finding an excuse to have fun in the Blue Coat play beach, dengineering zone, the slack line, and accompanying areas. There was even time to have fun with bubbles, clay... and biscuits with hot chocolate!

Thank you to all who joined on the field this weekend, along with accompanying donations - the large support makes it all the more worthwhile.  Thanks also to Tesco Superstore Cam for the kind donations. Finally, our gratitude goes to Mrs Murray who continues to build momentum for play and community at Blue Coat by holding such well supported events.

The next community play event will be the Big Build on Saturday 9th June with Woodland Tribe.